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Real first name: Justin
Name in which you wish to be refferred: Justin
Childhood embarassing nickname: none
Age and birthdate: 19, September 28th
Location: Vancouver, Washington
Reason for applying: I like to know what is happening in other peoples lives (I.E.) they're love life, friendships, relationships, family, ect.
How did you get here?: Giveittomeraw

Movie(s): Almost Heroes, Beverly Hills Ninja
Candy: Gum
Band(s): Pantara, Superjoint Ritual, Dimmu Borgir, Children of Bodom, Slayer, Metallica, Death, System of a Down (if you want a complete list look on my profile)
Actor: Chris Farly (RIP)
Actress: Shannon Elizibeth (or something like that)
Color: red, black
Cartoon: Futurama, Family Guy
TV Show: Saturday Night Live
Clothing Brand: Lucky Brand, Circa, DC
Food: Subway
Topping: Cheese
Country: Germany

Height: 6'1
Weight: 235 lbs.
Do you think of yourself as attractive?: Yes
Do your friends tell you that you are attractive?: Yes

What level of school are you in?: 2nd year Senior (I totally messed up my freshman and sophmore year)
What are your plans for the future?: Why think of the future? Think of the now and worry about what you are going to do next, live your life one day at a time.
What do you plan on/are you majoring in?: Forensic Criminalistics
What do you think your future (or current) Career will be?: Forensic Pathologist or Video Game Designer

What is the neatest place you've travelled to? Cannibal Corpse concert
Tell us one really awesome thing about you: dude
How often do you post in your LJ?: ehh atleast 6 or 7 times a week if im replying but if its my topic 2 or 3 times a week I'd say
Kumbayah my lord?: Oh no lord

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